SO36 Technik


SO36 Sound System Specs 

Version 1st of October 2021 

All previous versions cease to be valid! 

Our PA ist limited to 113,9 dB(CFTeq) at FOH mix position! / L(A)eq 99dB 

No access to limiter/controller settings can be granted (despite of delay times). 


Avid Venue Mix Rack System 

-Profile Digital Console 

-FOH Mix Rack: 

48 CH analog XLR mic/line inputs 

16 CH analog XLR outputs 

8 GPI/O (TRS) 

3 DSP Mix Engine Cards 

D-Show software 3.0 

Venue Pack Pro 3.1. Ask for list of additional PlugIns (SPL, Waves)! 

On request: 64 CH HD Native Recording (24 Bit, 48kHz) 

DAW i9-10900X, 4,5GHz, 16GB DDR4, Windows 10 with Pro Tools HD10. 

Ask for prices and further recording options! 

Power Supply FOH: 16A CEE Red 3L+N+PE 6h, alt. CEE 7/4 Type F („Schuko“) 

Denon 501C Media Player (CD, MP3, USB, iPhone) 


1 Klark DN360 GEQ (Master L/R) 

1 TC D-Two Tap Delay with footcontroller 

Yamaha SPX 990 Multi FX 

Intercom: 1x Axxent CP-100 mainstation, 2x BP-100 beltpack, 2x D-800 headset, 

2x LP100 Call Signal Light 


Stagebox 1:1+1 Split 40 CH 

MC 2x20 CH sym., Return MC 12 CH, 2nd Return MC 8CH 

2x CAT6a S/STP FOH-Upstage left 

Important notice: We cannot guarantee compatibility to all digital audio systems. To be on the safe side, we highly recommend to bring your own tested CATs (min. 30 meters) as a backup with you. 

Main PA: 

Total output power 15.390 W, 3-way active system + center, nearfills, delayline 

XTA DP448 System Controller (Main PA, Delay) 

XTA DP446 (nearfills, sidefills) 


2x GAE Director Series, 222T-A 

2x12" 700W/8Ω, 1x1,5" N/Dym, 120W/8Ω (IEC 268-5), 60x40º CD 

Amping: RAM S1500 (High), RAM W9000 (Mid) 


8x GAE BR118, 1x18", 1500W/8Ω (IEC 268-5) each. Amping: RAM W12044-DSP 


1x GAE System12TM 12“/2“, 60º radial, 350W (IEC) /8Ω. Amping: RAM S4004-DSP 


2x GAE 121T 12"/1" 350W/8Ω, 90x75º, Amping: QSC MX1500a 


2x GAE PS152TM 15"/1,4", 350W each. 60º radial. Amping: RAM S4000. 


Yamaha M7CL-32 

32 Mono Inputs, 4 Stereo Inputs, 16 Mix Busses 

Yamaha QL5 (if not used for Livestreaming. See below) 


GAE System 15TM 15“/2“ 60º radial -N/Dym 400W (IEC) / 8Ω + BR115p-4, 15“ 700W (IEC) 4Ω each. Amping: RAM W9000 


GAE 4475L 700W/ 4Ω (IEC) 1x15“+ GAE 4475M 350W/8Ω (IEC) 1x15“, 1x1“ 

Amping: RAM S6044DSP. 

11x GAE 4475M 350W (IEC) 

1 Cue Wedge GAE 4475M 

All in all: 12 Wedges (including Cue Wedge, Drumfill top, DJ Monitor if needed) 

Amping: 8 CH QSC MX3000, 4 CH RAM S6044DSP (2 CH Drumfill) 

Power Supply Stage: 16A CEE Red 3L+N+PE 6h, alt. CEE 7/4 Type F („Schuko“) 

Broadcast/Livestreaming/Recording/multiple purposes 

Yamaha QL5 

Separate control room (in backstage area) with Neumann KH80DSP and KH750 Subwoofer monitoring and recording option (Nuendo Live/ProTools via Dante Virtual Sound Card). 

Local In/out 32/16 

Audio and video connection to stage inputs/venue via CAT 6a Ethercon and long distance HDMI. 

Stage Inputs: 

RIO 3224-D2 In/out 32/16 + 4x AES/EBU (Stereo) and 

RIO 1608-D2 In/out 16/8 

Please get in touch in advance if you want to use QL5 and ask for prices and options! 


1 AKG D112 

1 Audio-Technica ATM 25 

4 Audio Technica ATM 450 condenser 

2 Audio-Technica ATPRO37 condenser 

1 Audix D6 

1 Sennheiser e901 PZM 

2 Sennheiser e609 

6 Sennheiser e604 Clip 

3 Sennheiser e914 condenser 

1 Sennheiser MD 421 

1 Shure Beta 52 

9 Shure SM58 

5 Shure SM57 

2 Shure Beta57A 

3 Shure Beta 58A 

1 Shure Beta 91A 

1 Shure MX153T/O-TQG (headset, condenser, for QLX D1 beltpack) 

1 DPA d:vote 4099G. Clips for Violin, Guitar, Drums, Brass, Accordeon, Universal, or on demand! Please get in touch in advance! 

2 DPA d:fine 4288-DC-F-F00-LH, headset, cardioid, Shure adapter for wireless beltpack application. 

Wireless Mic`s: 

3 Shure QLX-D24E/B87A or B58A -G51 470-534.000Hz. Stationary receivers with Shure UA 844 SWB-E UHF active antenna splitter. 

3 Shure QLX-D1-G51 Beltpack 470-534.000Hz. 

Microphone Stands etc.: 

20x tall boom, 8x short boom, 3x straight with roundbase, 2 Z-bars, var. claws 


6x BSS AR-133 active 

1x Radial ProD2, stereo, passive 

2x Palmer PAN 02 active 

4x Palmer PAN 01 passive 

1x Palmer PLI 04 Pro Media DI 


1x Pioneer DJM 900NXS2 DJ-Mixer (2xUSB connection) 

1xPioneer DJM850 DJ-Mixer (1xUSB connection) 

1x Pioneer DJM800 DJ-Mixer 

2x Pioneer CDJ-900NXS CD- und USB-Player (AAC, AIFF, WAV, MP3 (MPEG-1 32-320Kbps MPEG-2 16-160Kbps) 

2x Pioneer CDJ-850 CD-Player (Disc: Music CD, Disc/USB: Mp3, AAC, WAV, AIFF) 

2x Pioneer CDJ-200 CD-Player (Disc: Music CD, Mp3, no USB!) 

1x Pioneer CDJ-100s CD-Player 

5x Technics Turntable SL1210 MK2 + 1x Spare 


We don´t (!) have any backline available at our Venue! 

This has to be brought along or rented, if needed. 

If you need contact to local backline rental services, please get in touch. 

Drum Rugs (2,5x2m and 1,6mx2m), Keyboard stands and music stands available. 

AC-AC Converter/Transformer: 

We have one (1) AC-AC converter 8A/230V-16A/110V available with four (4) outlet power strips with six (6) US “Edison” type sockets, each, to provide 4 different areas of the stage with AC 110V.

Stage dimensions: 7,8 m wide, 6m deep, 1m high 

FOH dimensions (sound): 2,0-2,40m wide, 2-3,0m deep (variable), 0,27m high 

If you bring your own console, please forward it`s dimensions and the minimum space you need, so that we can arrange the best FOH setup. 

Backdrop: Pipe 8m, adjustable height up to 3,2m from stage. 

Stage barriers: 

Stage barriers available on request. Please get in touch for more information and service fees. 


PANASONIC PT VX 500E XGA LCD-Projektor, Format: 4:3, 16:9 Resolution: 1024×768 Pixel Contrast ratio: 3000:1 Brightness: 5000 ANSI Lumen

SO36 Lighting System Specs 

Version 1st of October 2021
All previous versions cease to be valid!



12 x PAR 64, CP 87 (0,5 kW), black

6 x Elation DaVinci (Std Mode)

6 x Martin MAC AURA (14CH)

4 x Moles 2Light, Audience Blinder


6 x PAR 64, CP 87 (0,5 kW), black

2 x A C L Circuits PAR 64, black


2 x Moles 4Light, Audience Blinder

5 x Litecraft AT10 (8CH)

2 x Martin ATOMIC 3000 Strobe (4CH)

1 x BASE HAZE 1,5kW/ Haze -Machine

1 x Antari F1500 / Smoke Machine





8 x CAMCO Digital Dimmer 12 x 2,3 kW


Chamsys MagicQ mq70 + MagicQ ExtraWing Compact

House System runs on 2 DMX Universes, 2 Guest Universes available

ONLY ON REQUEST: Additional Power Supply for Guest Floorsets 63A


Panasonic PT-VMZ50E

(LCD-Laserprojektor; 5.000 AL; WUXGA; Kontrast 3.000.000:1)


small - 2,60m x 1,70m

big - 4,25 x 2,49m