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Tickets für MINA CAPUTO Celebrating 20 years of "died laughing" 17.10.21 in Berlin, SO36

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Aufgrund der weiterhin bestehenden pandemiebedingten Unwägbarkeiten im Tourneegeschäft, haben sich sowohl Mina Caputo als auch Life Of Agony dazu entschlossen, die kommenden Tourneen 2021 abzusagen. Bereits gekaufte Tickets können bei den jeweiligen Vorverkauf-Partnern zurückgegeben werden.



MINA CAPUTO one of the biggest voices (and smallest bodies) in rock music belongs to Brooklyn’s ownMina Caputo. After garnering a massive following as the vocalist for the world-renowned rock-alt/metal outfitLife of Agony, Caputo’s honed a reputation for touching listeners to the very depths of their souls with her poetry; her heartrending live performances is well-earned:Within a single show, she is capable of inciting arena-sized mosh pits in addition to breathless silence.Throughout the last twenty years, Caputo recorded sixteen diversely influential albums—not including demos, live records or EPs—with an impressive who’s who of industry veterans, including bassist and trumpet player Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), guitaristCraig Ross(Lenny Kravitz,Eric Clapton,Sheryl Crow), pianist Zac Rae (Fiona Apple,Miley Cyrus,Annie Lennox), producerMartyn Lenoble(Jane’s Addiction,Scott Weiland, Porno for Pyros,Mark Lanegan, The Cult), mixerGreg Fidelman(Rage Against The Machine,Marilyn Manson,Johnny Cash), mixerMike Shipley(The Cars, Queen,Aerosmith,Joni Mitchell), and most recently, producers Sylvia Massey (Tool,Life of Agony,System of a Down) and Joey Z. forLife of Agony’s 2019 release, “The Sound of Scars.” On the festival circuit, she has shared stages with multitudes of varying genre titans, among themColdplay,Nine Inch Nails,Björk,David Bowie,Pixies,Velvet Revolver, Bush,Slipknot,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Laura Jane Grace,Modest Mouse,Aphex Twin,Foo Fighters, and more.With distinctive influences ranging fromLed Zeppelinand The Doors to Arthur Rimbaud and William S. Burroughs, Mina is unafraid to mine new musical territory, as evidenced by her most recent releases:“A Fondness for Hometown Scars,” “As Much Truth as One Can Bear,“ and ”Love Hard.”Mina also has frequently co-collaborated with Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist producer Andy Kravitz (Cypress Hill,Billy Joel,Imogen Heap, Julianna Hatfield), whom she met during theLife of Agony“Soul Searching Sun” recording sessions in the late 1990s. Kravitz co-produced and was heavily present on her last two albums, “Love Hard” and “As much Truth as One Can Bear,” as well as on her ambient geek-rock duo side project with Ryan Oldcastle as The Neptune Darlings with their two releases,“Chestnuts and Fireflies” and “Principium Sequentia.”Obsessed with hard truths, Caputo remains an intrepid conquistador of her own pain. Orphaned by heroin-addicted parents, Mina was forced to grow up in a dark world of poverty, violence and crime. Andwhile themes of abuse and abandonment may seem familiar to those who follow her work, Caputo innovatively sheds new light on these subjects with every song she creates.As unorthodox as her lyrical content can sometimes be, the most surprising aspect about Caputo is her undying romanticism—her unwavering insistence on seeing the silver lining in every cloud. As Mina herself says, “From my own feelings of displacement, dissatisfaction and yearning, comes a vast sea of compassion.