Tickets LA VELA PUERCA, 20 Jahre in Europa in Berlin

Tickets für LA VELA PUERCA 20 Jahre in Europa 06.06.23 in Berlin, SO36

Tickets – LA VELA PUERCA Berlin

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La Vela Puerca is a Uruguayan band whose birth came along its debut show on December 24th 1995, at a bar´s sidewalk in the neighbourhood where most of its members lived.

That show was recorded on tape and presented to participate in the popular music contest Generation 95. The first prize was the recording of their first studio album.

From then and on, the band never stopped its exponential growth, and rapidly became one of the most popular bands on both margins of the Río de la Plata, as well as to continuously tour the Americas and Europe.

These days see La Vela Puerca as one the Uruguayan artists with more international projection, as well as seeing them presenting their new album Discopático in a tour that will take them to multiple countries and destinations.