Tickets SAHRA, The Electro Arabic party: Shaabi, Electro-tarab, Arabic pop & Electronica in Berlin

Tickets für SAHRA The Electro Arabic party: Shaabi, Electro-tarab, Arabic pop & Electronica 01.07.23 in Berlin, SO36

Tickets – SAHRA Berlin


SAHRA (Sah-raa), meaning a night-out in Arabic, is the recurring electro Arabic party that brings all the different styles of Arabic music and its influences to the dancefloor, whether it is the beloved Arabic oldies, Shaabi sounds including Dabke and Mahraganat, or the up and coming genres of Electro-tarab, Arabtronica and Post-Shaabi. SAHRA has something for everyone!

This edition is the Sahra-versary. We are celebrating one year of Berlin's biggest electro Arabic party.

Arak will be available through Berlin's favorite Arak provider: Enab Berlin (www.enab-berlin.de)

Yalla let’s dance….

SAHRA is a multicultural and inclusive party. We have a trained awareness team that will do their best to create an environment in which everyone can have a good time throughout the night. We will challenge all inappropriate behaviors including any form of discrimination, intimidation or harassment, and will try to do our best to work fairly with those affected in confidentiality. We want to emphasize that nobody is allowed to occupy a space, mind, or body that has not been mutually agreed upon. To do this, we reserve the right to let anyone in or out of the space at any time for any reason.