Tickets CAFÉ QUIJANO, European Tour 2024 in Berlin

Tickets für CAFÉ QUIJANO European Tour 2024 10.04.24 in Berlin, SO36

Tickets – CAFÉ QUIJANO Berlin

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They have been on the road for 23 years, crowning charts, celebrating awards and achieving international nominations. But the most important thing is that Café Quijano has been making us happier for more than two decades and exhibiting our music throughout Latin America, the United States and Spain.
Manolo, Oscar and Raúl Quijano became internationally popular at the dawn of the new millennium with 'La Lola', becoming the first Spanish group nominated for an American Grammy in 2000. Two decades after those first great successes, Café Quijano continues to enjoy global recognition from the industry and unwavering loyalty from the general public. And this is because the group continues to increase and macerate their talent and inspiration, as demonstrated by their recent album 'Manhattan' that they are currently presenting on tour throughout the country... an album that last March reached Number 1 in sales physical within a few days of being placed in stores. ‘La Jamaicana’, ‘Come see the sunrise’, ‘Manhattan’ or ‘Ayer se fue’ are the new hits from Café Quijano who are active and ready to celebrate their status as classics of our music.

After some difficult times, Café Quijano remain among us to continue making us celebrate life with their music, with their elegance and with their loyalty to our Hispanic and Latin music!