Tickets PERFORMA, a unique blend of

Tickets für PERFORMA a unique blend of "heavy metal" within electronic music 22.02.24 in Berlin, SO36

Tickets – PERFORMA Berlin


As children and teenagers, many of us were fans of heavy music. Punk and Metal shaped our musical taste, penetrating our consciousness so deeply that it became an integral part of our identity. Over the years, our taste evolved. In our search for ourselves, we experimented and immersed ourselves in various musical styles until one day we finally discovered electronic music.

In search of the heavy sound within the electronic music scene, we conceived the idea for our event. PerForma aims to merge the best elements from the metal scene with a fresh electronic sound. Our lineup features artists who skillfully craft a unique blend of "heavy metal" within electronic music.

Tickets (1st release): €20, Tickets (2nd release): €25, Entrance (Door): €30

Line up:
Blush Response (live)
Hypnoskull (live)
Daniel Myer (live)
Statiqbloom (live)
Stanislav Glazov (live)
Fangarm (live)