Tickets CHOCOLATE REMIX, Queer Reggaeton & Latin Rap in Berlin

Tickets für CHOCOLATE REMIX Queer Reggaeton & Latin Rap 20.06.24 in Berlin, SO36

Tickets – CHOCOLATE REMIX Berlin

CHOCOLATE REMIX "Early Bird Ticket"18,00 € 
CHOCOLATE REMIX "Regular Ticket"22,40 € 


Chocolate Remix is the solo project of Argentine rapper and producer Romina Bernardo, known as Choco, specializing in reggaetón and latin rap discotheque rhythms. It emerged with the intention of reclaiming a genre historically characterized by its sexist content from a queer-feminist perspective. Their proposal takes advantage of the strong sexual content inherent in this musical style and recreates it by addressing taboo topics about the sexuality of women and gender-diverse individuals. While mostly fun and festive, their lyrics provide original perspectives and sharp critiques. Since its inception, Chocolate Remix has used its songs to denounce various issues that often affect women and the LGBTQ+ community, such as discrimination, censorship, or violence. Shortly after releasing their first album, they were chosen by the BBC as one of the 100 most influential women in the world in 2017. Chocolate Remix has released two studio albums, “Sátira” and “Pajuerana,” in addition to several singles and collaborative works with other artists, such as the recently released single “Bip Bip” with the percussion group La Bomba de Tiempo and the EP “Vente Cariña” with Mexican rapper Niña Dioz.