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Tickets für CHOKE HOLE extreme drag wrestling 11.06.24 in Berlin, SO36

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Set in the near distant future, CHOKE HOLE is the universe's most popular form of entertainment, regularly broadcasted to billions of viewers. What began as a crude justice system for solving disputes, grew into a gladiator-esque cultural and capitalist phenomenon, birthing superstar fighters in the ring. Hosted by intergalactic television mogul, Gorlëënyah, and her sex-robot minion Visqueen, CHOKE HOLE is a no rules, no holes barred, Battle Royale, where hopeful contestants fight to the death, for a chance to win fame, glory, and a lifetime supply of a mysterious new beverage sweeping the galaxy : SQUELSH, the energy drink that calms you down. *now with alcohol! "SQUELSH! It's good for your health."

A multimedia entertainment experience, CHOKE HOLE places a queer lens on the traditionally machismo world of wrestling, using drag and queer performance to intensify and make apparent the inherently flamboyant and camp elements of professional wrestling. The event itself combines lip sync performances, choreographed wrestling matches, acting, character building, projection mapping, and pre-recorded "backstage drama" videos to create an overarching storyline, which builds a fully immersive nightlife experience.