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Tickets für DOG EAT DOG 30 Years All Boro Kings 09.10.24 in Berlin, SO36

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After a long period of only touring, Dog Eat Dog are finally back with their new full-length album “Free Radicals“ …and it was worth the wait! The 14 explosive and inspiring songs combine a variety of contemporary styles without denying their roots. The album surprises with a variety of tones, moods, dynamics, and tempos, accompanied by their never fading energy and positive attitude.Singles “Lit Up”, “Never Give In” and “Man’s Best Friend” provide listeners with the big guitars, groovy beats and catchy choruses they are known for, while “Bar Down” carves out new territory for a band eager to explore the boundaries of thier abilities and experiences.Dog Eat Dog’s bi-continental lineup and their unique approach to sound and performance has always made them a must-see live act. With “Free Radicals,” the band reminds listeners why many consider them one of the pioneers of the crossover genre.