Tickets LOS GAITEROS DE SAN JACINTO, + Special Guest: NECIOS (DJ Set) in Berlin

Tickets für LOS GAITEROS DE SAN JACINTO + Special Guest: NECIOS (DJ Set) 04.11.24 in Berlin, SO36


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After 6 years, LOS GAITEROS DE SAN JACINTO are coming back to Berlin!
LOS GAITEROS DE SAN JACINTO have been the foremost gaita and traditional cumbia ensemble in Colombia since the mid-1950s. "Gaita" refers to a Colombian musical instrument, various musical genres, and an ensemble (the conjunto de gaitas), all originating from Colombia's Caribbean region, known for producing much of the country's traditional and popular music.
In the mid-1950s, under the guidance of folklorists Manuel and Delia Zapata Olivella, they embarked on their first tour throughout Colombia. By 1958, they were touring internationally, performing in China, Japan, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and other European countries.
In 1968, Los Gaiteros represented Colombia at the Cultural Olympic Expo in Mexico. Their extensive touring, the exceptional quality of their musicians across generations, and being one of the few gaita ensembles with commercially produced music have cemented their status as the most important Conjunto de Gaitas in Colombia.
In 2007, LOS GAITEROS DE SAN JACINTO won the LATIN GRAMMY for BEST TRADITIONAL ALBUM with "Un Fuego de Sangre Pura," released by Smithsonian Recordings. The album's title reflects the challenging and painful times in the Montes de María region, home to many of the musicians featured.
The group's founder and original leader was Miguel Antonio "Toño" Fernández. Today, the lineup is led by Rafael Castro (lead vocals), Gabriel Torregrosa (Tambora - Director), Wilson Fontalvo (Tambor alegre), Adolfo Rodríguez (Tambor llamador), Iván Salcedo (Gaita hembra), Luis Salcedo (Gaita macho and maraca), and Javier Mutis (MC). The band's endurance and inclusion of several generations of musicians highlight the tradition's vitality. Through new compositions and teaching young musicians, LOS GAITEROS DE SAN JACINTO bridge traditional gaita and cumbia music with its contemporary revival. Their influence has made gaita music one of the most significant traditional genres in contemporary Colombian popular music.