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Tickets für MONOBLOCO Europe Dez'24 01.12.24 in Berlin, SO36

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Monobloco embarks on its 1st European tour with a select team and promises to bring the best of Brazil and its samba rhythms to the 7 countries and 9 cities it will visit. With an explosive percussion combo of nine drummers, the group explores all of Brazil's musical diversity and more, with arrangements that have become classics in their shows and at parties throughout Brazil and the world, promising to keep everyone dancing. From Alceu Valença to classic samba anthems, from Lulu Santos' contemporary pop to the swinging classics of Jorge Ben Jor and Tim Maia, passing through Bahia, Rio funk, and across the entire national territory, nothing will be left out of this melting pot of rhythms. Don't miss out on this party!

Pedro Luis (vocals)

João Biano (vocals)

Celso Alvim (snare drum and conductor)

Pitito (snare drum)

C.A. Ferrari (repique)

Sidon Silva (agogô, conga, shaker, and tamborim)

Fabinho (tamborim)

Glauber Seixas (cavaquinho and guitar) 

Robertinho (bass drums)

Mario Micco (bass guitar)