Tickets MERIDIAN BROTHERS, + Special Guests: Cosmica Bandida in Berlin

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Bogotá-based Colombian composer Eblis Álvarez, known as Meridian Brothers, has been concocting a unique blend of psychedelic sounds since 1998. With his latest project, "Mi Latinoamérica Sufre," Álvarez explores the untapped potential of the electric guitar in a tropical Latin context. Drawing inspiration from African highlife and soukous traditions, Álvarez crafts a fearless sonic experiment infused with invention, playfulness, and emotion. Unlike typical tropical guitar records, this album eschews distortion and clichés, opting for a pure, clean approach. Through intricate compositions blending cumbia, champeta, soukous, Brazilian tropicalia, and underground psychedelic rock, Álvarez pays homage to the golden era of Congolese rumba, Ghanaian highlife, and Nigerian afrobeat. 

"Mi Latinoamérica Sufre" delves into the ego trip, presenting a humorous yet introspective journey of self-discovery and identity. The central character, Junior Maximiliano the Third, navigates through the complexities of self-discovery using psychedelic substances, political philosophy, and folklore. As he grapples with nostalgia, paranoia, and shared suffering, Álvarez showcases his vocal prowess, creating a sonic theater of the mind. Accompanied by visual narratives from Colombian artist Mateo Rivano, the album portrays various psychological states of disorientation, self-pity, enlightenment, and optimism. "Mi Latinoamérica Sufre" emerges as a worthy and innovative addition to the concept album tradition, offering a distinctive blend of bitter-sweet flavors inspired by Latinoamérica.