Tickets ANATOLIAN DISCO, mit Cem Yıldız, ShaSha Khan und Ferhat Güneyli in Berlin

Tickets für ANATOLIAN DISCO mit Cem Yıldız, ShaSha Khan und Ferhat Güneyli 03.05.24 in Berlin, SO36

Tickets – ANATOLIAN DISCO Berlin



We invite you to the dance floor with the fun music of Anatolian Music. Artists Cem Yıldız, ShaSha Khan and Ferhat Güneyli will take the stage at the night.

Multi-instrumentalist Cem Yıldız, who combines Anatolian music with psychedelic and folk acid style, is on tour with his latest album "Ben Uçarım Gökler Uçar". The acoustic version of his first collaboration with Acid Arab, Stil, is also included in the album.
"Modern Time Lover" Cem Yıldız studied at Istanbul Technical University Conservatory. Cem Yıldız, who has a wide career with his solo works, series/film soundtracks and his international hit collaboration with Acid Arab, has performed at world famous electronic music festivals in Europe and Turkey, from Montreux Jazz Festival to Sonar Barcelona.

Founded in 2018, ShaSha Khan released their first two works consisting of their own compositions in 2019 and 2020. They released their 3rd work consisting of covers in 2021 and their 4th work last August. She brings her own compositions and selected samples from world music (Balkan, Indian, Greek, Arabic, Turkish...) to her audience with electronic substructures. They use various instruments such as sitar, guitar, duduk, clarinet and baglama in their concerts. In addition to their concerts in Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya in Turkey, they also take part in concerts in Europe and abroad.

Berlin-based singer Ferhat Güneyli shaped and ultimately conquered Berlin's domestic Turkish music-scene in the 1990s with his band Dergah. At the same time, he later became one of the few Turkish musicians to penetrate the international world music scene.